Hand Carved & Hand Painted

The French have a phrase, “crème de la crème”.  Translated, it means “cream of the crop”.  Being of somewhat French ancestry, I like this and I try to live it or at least strive for it!  “it” is perfection.  These hand carved and painted calls I do are as close to that as this mortal is able to hand craft. Painstaking time is taken to develop themes, as one cannot just simply sit down and whittle.  Each call is laid out with the utmost precision to avoid any mistakes as wood is delicately removed and the inner artwork hidden inside is slowly exposed.  Any slight slip of the wrist and you will have wood for the fireplace tonight!  These incredibly detailed carved calls, complete with themes unique to each one, are slowly brought to life with the glow of artist’s oil paints.  Not any oil paints either, only the finest made.  From far reaches of the world rare and not so rare pigments have been imported, ground into fine particles and infused with linseed oil, mainly in European countries like France and Belgium. These paints, many of the same brands, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer used are the catalysts of all the colors I precisely hand paint. Deep opaque coloring for trees, dark shading and wondrous highlights with fiery luminous glazes all accent the exact coloring of the fowl!  Most calls demand long periods of time for completion.  Some taking upwards of six months or perhaps longer.  These are the “crème de la crème” collectible and investment call that I craft!  Unbelievable calls, hand crafted by Joe Bucher for the discerning sportsman, collector or investor and are unfortunately extremely limited.

The finest quality made
From my workshop, directly to you!

Proudly Made in the USA by Me!

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