Vintage Hunting Scene

The golden era of waterfowling!  If we could only relive those days of ducks blackening the skies and 25 fowl daily bag limits! Perhaps more simple times with unlimited hunting lands, vintage shotguns and wooden decoys, a wet retriever shaking off the cold at your side, your old hunting cabin and the warmth of a roaring fire as you relax with hot cider laying plans for tomorrows hunt. All of these memories and more are brought back to life with Joe Bucher’s finely carved and hand painted vintage hunting scene calls! Reminiscence of glorious hunts on the Chesapeake Bay or in the flooded timber lands of Arkansas, perhaps the squall of winter storm while hunting on the great lakes. These incredible calls reflect them all! Every call created is extensively researched and a story from a bygone era is told and brought back to life. Highly detailed carving and masterfully skilled hand painting sets these aside from any.  These incredible museum calls are like none ever crafted!

I so hope everyone enjoys!

Joe Bucher

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