Red Legs, Green Heads, Northerners, Mallards! The nick names of the common Mallard duck bring to mind images of cool Autumn days, brisk winds and brightly colored leaves with wildfowl migrating from the North, cascading down on cupped wings into flooded bottom lands, timbers, marshes, lakes and fields. They are the most prized duck of the waterfowler, but Mallards are everyone’s duck, common, wild, and beautiful! Here is my tribute carving and painting of the ever-popular Mallard duck!

With its high relief carved, American black walnut, hand turned custom duck call has a depiction of three mallards from Northern latitudes descending toward their Southern wintering grounds. A Migratory Bird Band on the hen may give a clue where our visitors are from. Intensely high relief carving with its extreme detail, crafted by call maker /artist Joe Bucher, gives the call a three-dimension look and thus brings the realism of the wildfowl to life. Hand painting using only the very finest quality imported European artist oil paints made, Joe finishes the call with meticulous detail. The call is now completed as the wildfowl seemingly fly off the call! Mallards, favorite ducks, a beautiful rendition and exquisite colors make such a very unique call for the sportsman or collector! 


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