In the South, particularly in the Delta region of the Mississippi flyway lays the largest areas of flooded timber in the country. As Autumn approaches the seasonal rains cause river levels to spill out of their banks, flooding hardwood bottom land timber areas, creating vast areas of prime waterfowl habitat. Acorn laden pin oak trees drop their offerings into the backwater flooded timber just as the waterfowl from the cold North begin annual migrations to their Southern wintering grounds. Millions of waterfowl, with numerous species represented, find this natural flooded hardwood timber food smorgasbord to their liking. This call depicts just that with a pair of Northern Mallards with a “tag along” guest, a Ring Neck duck, also very common to the flooded hardwood timber areas of the Delta.

This custom duck call turned from American black walnut has been intensely deep relief hand carved with incredible detail by call maker/artist Joe Bucher. Numerous undercut carvings has brought to life the old trees with their engulfing vines. Numerous oak leaves precariously still cling with each blast of the coming winter wind. The undercut carving and precision detailing of not only the trees, vines and leaves but the wildfowl also with their natural movements are well captured. The carving is finished so the exquisite hand painting by Joe begins as he uses only the very best imported European artist oil paints made in the world. The colors are vibrant, bold and beautiful and coupled with the skilled detail makes this call absolutely jump to life.  Two Northern Mallards, a plump Ring Neck duck supporting a Migratory Bird Band, and flooded hardwood timber in the Delta in its glory makes this call a truly prized one of a kind original prized possession in your call collection. Original design, hand carving and hand painting by Joe Bucher.

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