Grey ducks? Grey ducks or Gadwalls increased in our hunting area in the 1980s and became an important part of our hunting bag limit. A little strange sounding duck, they are quite agile flyers and tend to get their name from the “grey” appearance they have in flight. In hand, I find the Gadwall drake an extremely beautiful subtle colored duck. Shades of greys, with black, white, a greyish brown speckled head, mahogany breast and of course the burnt red shoulder patch on his wing, all giving these ducks a classy, distinguished look. Gadwall, like many ducks enjoy dining on the natural food the flooded timber areas the Delta provides. The flooded timbered backwaters not only provide needed nourishment, but also a protected resting area from the winter’s harsh winds and predators alike. It is also the prime destination for the waterfowler. Here is my tribute call to a very important and impressive specie, the incredible Gadwall Grey duck!

Intensely deep relief hand carving, made from a custom hand turned American black walnut wood duck call, this carved call with its exquisite hand painting is paramount! Capturing the aurora of the Delta with its flooded bottom land hardwood timber, the trees are engulfed in late season vines and oak leaves who trying to hold on before winter’s grip grabs them, Joe Bucher has meticulously hand carved ultra-fine detail with extreme undercut carving. The result of this is almost a three-dimensional work of art! After the intense carving is finished Joe’s skilled hand begins to paint. Using only the very best imported European artist oil paints made, the call slowly begins to take life. Brownish grey winter trees with greenish brown vines crawling up them as does the ever-changing colors of the red poison ivy vines as they try to make their way to the top. Yellowing leaves compliment the trees all why trying to hold their place on them. The Gadwalls anxiously descend through the trees looking for food and a safe rest stop as they migrate. Their coloring blends well with the timber but is given away periodically by the white of their underwings. Stately and distinguished, subtle beauty describes the Gadwall duck! 


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