“The Wrong Side of the Fence”…Mallards!


We have been all there!  Yep, the ducks are pouring in, but, they are settling down on private hunting club ground all the while you are confined to public hunting!

One of my finest calls from the “North American Collection”, illustrates just that situation. Three mallards, two magnificent drakes and a hen are feeding on acorns in the flooded pin oak flats of the Southern Delta Region. In the background an American black duck, a rare trophy in this area, sails in to join the feast! Purposely separated by a barbed wire fence, a posted private club stands out from the Cache National Wildlife Refuge’s public hunting sign in the background. The feel of the flooded pin oak flats comes alive with brilliant scarlet Virginia creeper leaves and vines as it engulfs the grand pin oak trees. Burnt orange oak leaves compliment the drab greyness of the acorn rich pin oak tree’s bark. You gaze upon the mallards and even realize one has a bill full of acorns. And of course, the stunning drake you first eyed is banded!

The insert of this call screams hardwood bottomland duck hunting! A shot up, rusty old hunting sign is pierced by weathered barbed wire. Autumn pin oak leaves and acorns are surrounded by gorgeous mallard curls and Persian blue, wing feathers. Accenting everything, the fiery red Virginia Creeper leaves precariously poke through tattered barbed wire to complete the call’s theme!

I so hope you enjoy this call!

Joe Bucher


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