“New England Country”…Black Ducks!


The American black duck is my all-time favorite duck! No doubt about it. It could be because it is so rare where i live. I have seen a very few, harvested only a couple, but what a magnificent wildfowl!

On this call I tried to capture the stunning New England countryside with all its natural beauty. Upstate New York, Vermont and the New Hampshire area is a place I would love to live. American history abounds here, plus the natural beauty is beyond stunning. Autumns are almost unimaginable to the human eye. The area’s numerous crystal clear lakes and ice cold streams are pristine. Blessed with numerous natural resources, New England is truly an American treasure. The American black duck is native and abundant in this region, and rightfully show cased here!

A very old New England covered bridge, complete with lattice type windows, granite stone work and a sign dedicating the name and date of this historical architectural work highlights the scene. The wooden moss covered roof is patricianly hidden by blazing yellow, red and orange autumn maple tree leaves. Fiery scarlet sumac tries to block the front entrance to the bridge. As your eyes search the background, the splendid grey maple tree trunks are shown with green accents of moss growing on them. One trunk even displays the tapping of its fine maple syrup directly into a weathered and longtime used pail. Drip by drip it fills until it will be gathered for the task of refining for pure Vermont maple syrup. A trio of magnificent black ducks find the stream the covered bridge spans to their liking. Twisting and turning the ducks descend down to it. The brilliant northern sunlight captures and exposes their color and detail with every movement of the birds. Turning to the insert itself solidifies the New England charmed theme. A jug of pure Vermont maple syrup is surrounded by sweet crispy red New England apples. The autumn leaves show off their splendid vivid crimson and orange colors with intriguing and exquisite forms. To fully complete this call the striking subtle beauty of the American black duck’s feathers are shown!

I so hope you enjoy this call!

Joe Bucher


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