“My Quiet Place!”


Escape to the country is in all of our minds. Get out of the traffic, leaving the noise of the city! No more shopping at the mall, fighting for a parking space, waiting in long checkout lines, and we won’t even talk about the workplace, that’s insanity at its best.

If I had a place to escape to, it would look like this! The season would always be autumn, with its cool days, fiery sunsets and natures palette of colours! Maybe if I was lucky it would be hunting season, the time we all so yearn. Oh, and my escape would include a cabin. Nothing fancy, little run down maybe, perhaps even crude, but it must have a huge fireplace. Somewhere after a cold day outdoors I could sit in front of sipping hot cider or steaming black coffee. My dog, my buddy, on the floor curled up on a woven round rug beneath my feet, directly in front of the warmth of the fire. I have nothing to do, except bring in more firewood.  Folks, this is “My Quiet Place!”

An Original Oil Painting by Joe Bucher
Custom Walnut Framed 24″x30″ Image


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