More and More Ducks!

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Somewhere along the line, not sure where, maybe someone asked me to carve them a different duck.  I think it may have been a Shoveler, maybe a ruddy, maybe it was…well OK, you get the idea. My mind then begins to entertain the thought of a case, yes, a glorious case. An incredible idea! A marvelous display case packed full of different species of waterfowl, all hand carved and hand painted. Yes, that is it!  So, begins the era of cases, all solid walnut and glass, velvet backing with many assorted holding capacities. Yes, i had 3 carved call cases, 6 carved call cases, 12 carved call cases and even 18 carved call cases. Now that doesn’t satisfy one, here shown is a 24-hand carved call case. Twenty-four hand carved and hand painted calls that are all different and unique. Some of the calls were puddle ducks, some diver ducks, lots of geese, toss in a few retrievers holding ducks and you have this very interesting piece of handmade duck call art! Please enjoy viewing this magnificent collection!  Can you name all the species??? 

Circa 1983


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