“Mississippi Pecan Farm”…Gadwalls


Who doesn’t love pecans! Pecan pie, pecan pralines, pecan tassies, anything pecan. They are southern favorites of mine and apparently, gadwall ducks too! Gadwalls or grey ducks as they are commonly called are represented here in “The North American Collection” with a pecan theme.  In the Deep South, many pecan trees are in vast rich bottomland pecan tree farms. Farms dedicated to growing this delicious food crop. Well know are the flooded hardwood pin oak bottomlands of Arkansas. Rivers spilling from their banks during the fall also flood large areas of bottomland pecan groves and making available to waterfowl a nutritious food source on their southern wintering grounds. The gadwalls seen here are utilizing just that scenario. Three mature drakes, one supporting a federal band, and a lone hen are feasting in the flooded pecan trees. Increasing their winter fat reserve as they gobble up any floating pecans. One drake is even shown with a pecan in his bill! The pecan trees are shrouded in vivid crimson red poison ivy leaves and their vines, complementing the beautiful bright yellowish leaves the ancient drab grey trees support. Delicious pecans abound, filling all the limbs! A weathered old sign tells who owns this particular pecan farm, a man named Byrd! An old sun bleached tire infused with poison ivy vines, hints about the owner’s feeling of anyone being there.

This insert is vintage! A 194i Mississippi hunting license, torn and tattered with water stains surely from the flood water gives up its information. A favorite of mine, this 1940-41 Federal Duck Stamp by famed artist Francis Lee Jaques, complete with deckled edging and a bent corner is encircled by blood red poison ivy leaves. The subtle beauty of the pure white drake gadwall’s speculum wing feather and various other feathers of the grey’s accents this call to perfection.   

I hope so you enjoy!

Joe Bucher


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