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A brochure by the famed “Marshland Game Call” company shows the duck call industry’s styles back in the mid 1970’s. Most waterfowl call makers used wood.  There were some exceptions to this but again, most used wood and various woods.  This pamphlet displays cherry, walnut, zebra wood, and walnut woods. These however were not all of the woods used.  There was a couple types of ebony, two types of rosewood, Osage orange or hedge as some know it, maple, bloodwood, purple heart, Paducah, and I could keep going on and on with the list. I remember in the workshop all the smells of the freshly cut calls from these woods. I once read that smell is the most recalling sense of the five senses.  To this day when I turn calls it brings me back to those days! Dale Largent loved making calls, it was his passion.  So much he always strived for more designs and types of different waterfowl calls.  I witness the creation of the dual duck/goose call and the wood duck, pintail and turkey calls.  If you look carefully in the lower right bottom corner you’ll even see some carved calls. Yes, I did these for “marshland game calls”. Dale offered these individually or in a matched set, and custom ordered “any species” you want!

Circa 1976


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