A Hunting We Will Go!

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1992 also brought in some new, but in actuality old ideas.  As the great call company “Marshland Game Calls” closed its doors an end of an era was at hand it for the waterfowl world.  I seriously believe it was this was one of the last great classic duck call companies in the entire world! I had the opportunity to acquire much of the trade technology of this company which I gladly and sadly did. Carrying on the great company’s name was even offered. Considering everything, I chose to proceed with my own company, “heritage calls” as there would never again be another Dale Largent or “Marshland Game Call” company. “Heritage Calls” began to develop with technology acquired from “marshland” new hunting calls.  Solid wood much like “marshland” and inserts hand cut from existing and modified insert jigs.  The results were astonishing. A fabulous hunting call was developed.  A special designed reed was also implemented. Much like Dale Largent had done, “heritage calls” were very affordable and an excellent hunting call!  When they went to the sporting goods markets, dealers loved them and their price! The late 1990’s was a turning point for the hunting world as new products flooded the sporting goods market. New types of hunting apparel, decoys, boats, new styles of everything and duck calls, yes duck calls, filled the market.  “heritage calls” thus began its retreat in the hunting call market to focus on what it does best, making the finest investment and collectible calls in the world!

Circa 1994


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