The Era of Perfected Engraving!

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It is interesting how thoughts and ideas bring products to life. Some ideas may be conceived by observing nature, others by deep thinking and then there are products that are invented by using technology that are used in another industry.  In the late 1970’s while attending junior college I was working at a local paint company.  No not an art store but house paint store.  In a search to buy our manager a birthday gift, I ran across a laser engraved pen and pencil set that I purchased for him on his special day.  Now this is where the idea of laser engraving came into my head.  In the late 1970’s I knew of no one laser engraving duck calls.  Self-adhesive stickers were the rage of the day. Years passed as I searched high and low for a company that could take one of the hand turned calls I was beginning to make then and engrave it. The pursuit of this company became much more of a challenge then even I could imagine. The cylindrical nature of the duck call plus the taper presented a systematic problem due to the distortion that would arise from the taper effect to the art pattern that was being engraved. The technology for this just wasn’t there yet.  My searches led me across the border north to Canada where a laser work engraving company developed a matrix for me to do just what I need! The laser machine would take my original artwork and engraved into the duck call which I would then hand paint. The result is the above, first laser engraved and hand painted duck call ever made.  Embracing my new-found technology, I had a company.  A company that would go on to produce larger quantities of duck call collectibles for the sportsman and collector.  In the year 1992 “Heritage Calls” was formed!

Circa 1992


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