Conserving Times!

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The technology of laser engraving and bringing my original artwork to life on waterfowl calls brought phenomenal opportunities in the mid 1990’s!  As these calls were unique in design and every single one individually hand painted by me, they were made available to numerous collectors and sportsmen.  Life like designs, coupled with accurate and stunning hand painted colors, always in a natural habitat setting only increased the demand for this collectible. Conserving and restoring habitat has always been the crucial part of any conservation organization’s main purpose.  One way to meet its financial goals are with fund raising products, and the more unique and specific to their organization, the better.  In the mid 1990’s I began my association with “ducks unlimited”. Making such products, my laser engraved hand painted duck call collectibles.  First on a small scale with individual ducks unlimited chapters, then with state sponsored product packages and ultimately moving up in the world with national and international product packages. Designs were made solely and individually customized for singular chapters, states and national “ducks unlimited”.  Even national convention calls, intricately designed and painted, representing its location for that specific year were added. This relationship was incredible! Meeting and working with people at “ducks unlimited” nationally, regionally and from all over this great county was an exceedingly pleasurable experience!  Here are two superb examples of some early works of my engraved and hand painted duck calls, one from a state package and the other a national package.

One other key note from this experience is the results of my life long work is having a duck call that resides on display at the ducks unlimited museum inside the bass pro pyramid at Memphis in the great state of Tennessee!

Circa 1994 and Circa 1996


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