A “Marshland” Tribute

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In 1971, shortly after winning Nebraska’s state sponsored duck calling contest, Larry Largent, Dale Largent’s son took top honors by winning the “world champion duck calling contest” in the duck capital of the world, Stuttgart Arkansas! This is an elite group of a few individuals who have won this prestigious awarded title over the years.  I am very fortunate for having known both dale and Larry Largent. Growing up on the famed Platte River of Nebraska when wildfowl filled the air in numbers inconceivable, Dale’s knowledge of waterfowl hunting was immense. My knowledge of duck hunting was limited in comparison, but I learned many things from Mr. Largent, especially on duck calling and waterfowl call making.  My collection of “marshland” calls grew over the years as did my calling skills and hunting abilities. I attribute this mostly to my friend Dale Largent and his iconic “Marshland Game Call” company!

Circa 1975 to 1985


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